About GroovyMojo

The common definition of “mojo” is, simply, magic. You all know what groovy means. So put the two together and you have “Very Good Magic.”

This website is dedicated to boosting the mojo in your life. Tips and bits of inspiration for enhancing your creativity, your enjoyment of work and living, romance, and general success. The intent is to focus on the positive, to combat fear-mongering in media, to challenge your sense of reality, and to bring a smile to your face. That’s groovy mojo.

I had originally started this blog sometime in 2007, and then years later ended up taking it down because I thought: who am I to give anyone advice?

But here it is in 2019, and while shuffling websites from one hosting service to another, rediscovered all these articles and realized, even with distance, there is a lot of truth in them, as I was writing them in a time where my life was in chaos and I was trying to “find” myself again.

But as it turned out, I discovered — mainly through writing these articles, which I will be editing and reposting here — I was not finding myself as much as creating myself.

And I created for myself a really good life. So maybe I can present examples to inspire others to do the same thing.