Battling the Migraine

How it starts out with me, I get blind spots. Like early today I was writing a beer review and was having problems seeing what I had just typed. It gave me a sudden sinking feeling, and I wondered, Is this a migraine coming on?

I struggled with typing for a few more minutes, and then realized, yes, I’m having lots of problems seeing the words on the screen.

This is THE WARNING. When I get THE WARNING it means I have about 50 to 75 minutes before THE PAIN.

The moment I get this warning I drop everything and go take medicine. Fortunately I’ve found the generic OTC migraine pills work just fine, and the Wal-Mart generic Equate Headache Relief (which is the equivalent of Excedrin® Migraine) is dirt cheap. They consist of Acetaminophen, Aspirin, and Caffeine. If I don’t have those pills, I found taking a Tylenol combined with Advil and some coffee will work the same.

They take about 50 minutes to take effect. So if I get those pills in me immediately, they will head off the migraine pain, and all I have to deal with are the other symptoms (sleepiness, reduced mental abilities, and nausea).

So, do you get migraines? How do you deal with them?

2 comments on “Battling the Migraine

  1. I rarely get migraines any more, but when I do… eep… Not fun… I normally pop 2 ADCO-DOLs or 2 Stilpains, stuff my head under a pillow in a very dark room and make certain the house stays as quiet as possible until it goes away… Usually eases off after I sleep for a few hours.

  2. Hey, nice blog. Just found you via that Magnatune – we are not evil – piece. (Too bad my corp here still thinks they’re too evil and blocks the site).

    Anyway, Migraines. I don’t get them much anymore now that I’ve found out my food allergies… err… I haven’t had ONE migraine since. Hmmmm. Last one that I had I remember the lights (in Home Despot) became all weird… I knew that I was losing my sight. Eep! I knew that I had to get home – quick! Instead I grabbed a coffee, a couple of anacins, and headed for the quiet, dark, car.

    15 minutes later I was good. As you no doubt know, you either catch it early, or endure the hell. BTW I’ve since learned that one [major] source of migraine is massive blood flow to the brain (dunno what causes this though). The caffeine – your friend – restricts the blood flow. You’re best NOT using aspirin (which increases blood flow) methinks (although I am *not* a doctor). Use acemediphin (oh yeah, like I can spell that!) or codeine.

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