Everyone is a Team of Three

I had an interesting thought this morning as I was getting my first cup of coffee. I had put some Splenda out in the break room last night before I left, and this morning it was there waiting for me. So I said, as I have done many times lately, “Thank you, Past Me.”

As in, Me in the temporal Past.

That is when it occurred to me: Every single person is actually a team of three. YouPast You, and Future You.

You’re actually a team.

Why a team? Because whether you realize it or not, all three of you work together. And while the ultimate benefit (good or bad) is Future You, if you start consciously thinking about yourself as a team, in a weird way the time that separates you becomes meaningless.

Just like when I thanked Past Me for pre-populating the Splenda supply for Present Me’s morning coffee, I know that when Present Me does something for Future Me, I already know Future Me is thanking me for it.

But now that I’m conscious of the fact that I’m a team of three, I get this strange sense of being able to do more as a team. I feel more motivated to work for the benefit of all three of us. I know this all sounds rather absurd and silly, and I hesitate to post this in fear of humiliating Future Me. But Future Me says, “No, go ahead and post it, it’s not silly.”

Past Me has no opinion about it.


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