How To Get Free Books (and Good Karma)

Books is a place to find books that have been read and then released into the wild. You go to the website, look up your local area, and find books that have been released by Bookcrossing members. Then it’s like a treasure hunt … will the book still be there when you arrive? Did someone beat you to it? If not, and you’ve found the book, you read it, then go back online and write what you thought of it. Then it’s your turn to go put it somewhere, and let everyone on Bookcrossing know where you’ve put it.

You can sign up for alerts whenever a book has been released in your area. Then the race is on!

If you want lots of extra good karma, take some books of your own, enter them into the Bookcrossing system, and release them as well. Afterwards you can see where your book has been, and who read it, and what they thought of it.


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