Origin of Darkess

I’m drinking the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard of: bourbon barrel aged miso beer. Like, miso from miso soup … beer. Insane, right? Ridiculous.

Not a joke. April 1st was yesterday.

This is also not a joke: It’s wonderful. I don’t know how or why miso plays a part in it. I mean, I love miso soup, but I’m not picking up any taste connections here. It must be too subtle for me to suss out. It’s huddled far under the cover of the thrumming warm cello notes of the barrels of bourbon that was this beer’s literal womb.

First sip: dark milk chocolate malt, dark bread, and an almost instant upwelling of rich woody bourbon. And, really good bourbon, too. So warm, so toasty, so fine! But … miso? Not getting it. It must be contributing to the notes somehow, but if it didn’t proclaim right out front that it had something to do with “white miso” I would never have guessed.

There is a lot of alcohol involved. 11.5% per volume, in fact, and I’m feeling it rather than tasting it. But then again … bourbon. It is not a surprise. And this is a heavy dark bottle holding 1 pint and 9 fluid ounces. My dear reader, I will not be driving after drinking this entire bottle.

From the bottle’s label itself:

Origin of Darkness, 2018 Release

The Origin of Darkness project is a collaborative effort with our brewing friends from around the globe. The mission: to infuse “terrior” into premium barrel aged brews by including ingredients that are representative of each brewer’s homeland.

R. Morrow, Brewmaster

It’s imported by The Wild Beer Co. into the good state of Illinois, USA by Collective Arts Stowe, VT USA, and is a product of Canada brewed by Collective Arts, Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Website: COLLECTIVEARTSBREWING.COM

If I were still searching for the “Holy Beer” (as I was back in my beer blogging days) I would definitely have counted this as a holy beer contender and would have rated it high on the scale. This is up there in the best 10 or so beers I’ve ever had, which is why I’m bothering to write this, in 2019, a good 11 years after I gave up beer blogging.

It’s that good.

If you see it at your local connoisseur beer emporium, and you like anything to do with bourbon-barrel aged brews, snag it.

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