Why a typewriter?

It all began with a typewriter.

When I was twelve years old, my parents gave me this:

My latest novel leans heavily upon not only using typewriters since an early age, but on the several years I spent rescuing and repairing old classic ones back in the 1990’s. The story actually came from me thinking it would be funny to write a novel simply titled: “TYPEWRITER REPAIRMAN!”

I know, I know. Silly title. What was I thinking?

I can trace the idea back to a Monty Python skit called “Bicycle Repairman!” where there’s a world full of superheroes, but one of them steps into a phone booth during a time of need and changes into "Bicycle Repairman.” And he’s a huge hero to all the superheroes, who apparently have no idea how to fix a bicycle.

In my novel, however, it’s not a world of superheroes, but the main character does find himself embedded among a loose-knit group of powerful supernatural archetypes. To his dismay, they insist he’s fated to find a typewriter imbued with dangerous powers. And this main character, being a nerdy, socially awkward typewriter repairman, is forced further and further out of his comfort zone, and finds himself in an adventure (and love story) beyond his wildest imagination.

So that is Typewriter Repairman, available now, and if I can get off my butt and update my website I plan on setting up a way for people to order signed copies directly from me.

(I’ll send another email when that finally happens.)

In other news, I have another book coming out within the next few months. This one is a science fiction that I’ve been working on for years, and it’s finally ready. Doomsday, cloning, Von Neumann probes, interstellar colonies, adventure and discovery … it’s all there. And it’s pretty hard sci-fi too, so there’s nothing impossible going on — in fact it’s all very likely, given enough time.

I’ll send out another email when that one is ready.

Until then, thank you for subscribing! Please share with friends who you think might be interested, and stay safe out there.