Surly “BAOW” Barrel-Aged Oat Wine

Oat wine ale aged in rye whiskey barrels? Okay. I’ll try that!

The label reads:

“Lands on the pallet like a right hook in velvet gloves. It starts with sweet multi flavor – thank coffee and pastry – and a smooth, robust mouth feel. The finish hits with a hint of vanilla and a round, oak driven punch.”

I’m sitting on my back deck under a brand new umbrella which is protecting me from a gentle spring rain. I pop the top on this 750ml bottle, and take a hearty whiff. Unfortunately, I can’t smell anything but hand sanitizer, because a few minutes before I had put my hand in bird poop. So much for savoring the aroma…

The first sip hits with a very smooth dark roast malt flavor, highly infused with rye whiskey. The mouth feel is in fact very buttery. I’m not getting vanilla or Coke in the aftertaste as much as I am a malty maple flavor.

Oddly, the label does not state and the alcohol content. I’m having to look it up on the Internet. It’s 9.6%, much lower than I had suspected. I know barley wine, and I know how strong that could be, so I thought this would be the same. I’m not disappointed, because it tastes so damn good.

I’ll send this up by saying it is in fact a groovy brew.

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